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Power Trip is dedicated to improving the health of our community through exercise, wellness, and connecting like-minded people to live healthier. Let’s be powerful together.

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Join us for a workout. Come see that we are the best fit for you, and your fitness goals. Your first session is FREE!


Access to any scheduled class. Exclusive emails with member specials. Member events, activities, and challenges. 1-hour massage. 1 personal training session.



You get access to any scheduled class. 1 personal training session for new members.


Drop-in rate for any scheduled class. Personal 1 on 1 Training is available. Contact us to set up a schedule that works for you.

HIS Story

Luis Romero is the owner and head trainer at Power Trip Fitness.

He has always wanted to help people get healthy. In 2002 He was certified as a massage therapist as he continued his goal to become a trainer. In 2006 he did just that. Luis worked at a couple of the larger gyms, to gain experience along the way. Luis always knew he would open a gym of his own.

His goal is to make San Leandro a focus in the health and fitness community. His focus at Power Trip Fitness is to pair fitness and wellness to encourage members to make better choices. His unique style incorporates boot camp style classes, with circuit training stations to create a total body workout. The workouts are intense enough to get results and can be modified to accommodate people from all walks of life.

“I believe everyone can be healthy. It takes commitment, consistency, and effort. A little bit sweat never hurts either”.

Luis Romero


Note: Due to COVID mandates We have been on a modified schedule since January 2020. Please contact us directly for a temporary daily schedule.


6AM. 9am. 12pm. 4:30pm. 5:30pm


6am. 9am. 12pm. 4:30pm. 5:30pm


9am. 12pm. 4:30pm. 5:30pm


6am. 9am. 12pm. 4:30pm. 5:30pm


6am. 9am. 12pm.




No classes scheduled

Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge

2021 Weight Loss Challenge Winners

1st Place Winner: Sherry

2nd Place Winner: Christina N.

3rd Place Winner: Marcy


Keep your eye out for the next Weight loss Challenge in January 2022.

Get Ready to get Powerful !!!

Power Trip Outdoors

Power Trip Outdoors

Power Trip schedules several local outdoor hikes throughout the year. The hikes range from 4 to 9 miles, various intensities, and usually take about 1 to 2 hours.


Power Trip is very much an inclusive community. We welcome members to invite friends, family, neighbors, and pets (where allowed) to join us.

Power Trip outdoors is a wonderful way to join our community.

Note: Currently we do not have any outdoor events planned. Please continue to check in as we are looking to make a big comeback in 2022.

Stay Powerful !!!

Power Trip Outdoors Schedule:

TBD 2022


+1 (510) 332-6121

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